grainercubby (grainercubby) wrote in autonomous_art,

I am proposing a contest!

AuTonomOUs ARt Competition Announcement!!!
GoaL: to make the most fabulous, the most practical to make, the most acceptable to stupid incarceration rules ARTWORK to send to imprisoned comrades, friends & penpals.

RuleZ: it must be able to be sent to a prisoner under most circumstances, meaning no glue can be used, no hidden pockets which may hide stuff (so nothing like origami with lots and lots of folds), no paint, no cardboard, yada yada, gabba gabba hey , yeah these rules are really terrible and will crimp your style.  you will persevere with resourcefulness because you are that rad.  It must compose of a single sheet of one-ply letter paper, able to fit within an envelope with a b+w xerox image or black ink pen writing/drawings on it.

The winner is determined by the awesomeness of the art and if it successfully passes through the insane security and scrutiny of gulag officials SCUM to the political prisoner of your choice! 

Please put an entry into this community with a picture and a written description of your artwork, as well as if it made it through, and if it didn't, why it didn't get throughInstructions on how to recreate this wonderous artwork of yours will be appreciated and welcomed, and possibly profusely and embarassingly complemented.  you can also list your inspirations, heroes, personal mythology and what kind of outfit you'd like to see me in.

Spread teh word aRound and get workinG, even if it means not washiNg yer dishes, else i wILL rEsort to flashing fonts and scroLLing texT!  and mOre random capitAlization!

i might be kidding about the threats, and if this is contrary to posting rules, then please look the other way to allow this to continue. thank you!
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