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What Oil Crisis?

(letter to the editor)

As Israel continues it's attack on Lebanon the rest of the world is again left to calculate the war/oil equation.

While the current strife may not be related to oil - a certain product of war (such as the unattended oil spill from Israel's attack on a power plant in coastal Lebanon) is creating environmental damage that environmentalists and local green groups are calling the worst disaster in the country's history. Reports put the spill at somewhere near 15,000 barrels or 15,000 tons of oil along the Mediterranean shores of Lebanon and Syria. It brings to mind the burning oil fields of Iraq.

Humanitarian crisis aside - how much blood and oil need to spill before the hungry war mongers are satiated and have had their toxic fill? As it becomes all too apparent that there is no fixed sum to quantify civilian deaths as war crimes - maybe we global villagers should create a formula to quantify crimes of a global nature. WorldWatch where are you?

As our skies and oceans become increasingly congested with the viscous black death of oil - who will be responsible?
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