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Autonomous Art Collective

The lives we lead, and the lives we wish we led. (Req. Res:1280 X 1024 / IE Moz)

Anarchism In Art
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Autonomous Art Collective

au·ton·o·mous(P)Pronunciation Key(ô-tn-ms)

- Independent of the laws of another state or government; self-governing.
- Self-governing with respect to local or internal affairs
- Independent in mind or judgment; self-directed and Independent
- Not controlled by others or by outside forces

We believe in human rights for all people, regardless of age, country of origin, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or political belief.

Image by Eric Drooker

As a definition “Autonomous Art” would encompass all artistic _expression in any vein that, from it's inception, is created solely for the beautification of our world with no other motive bias. No restrictions are placed on it's viewing. No charge is assessed for the experience. It is free to be used by anyone and without copyright. This is the simple credo we want to envision within this project. Our vision of a universal art database available for everyone to use, from any corner of the globe. Our aim is to provide our services to activist organizations working to promote responsible change within our society. We would like to alleviate some of the difficulties groups have had getting their message across while competing against the corporate sponsored media wave. We are looking to create original flyers, posters, stickers, ad jammers, and button designs for activist clients looking to enhance their actions with art. Our services will be free of charge and metered solely on the collective's own discretion and the immediate urgency of the projects at hand. We will only ask that the clients pay for the price of the postage to mail the material to the requested location or mobilization. This sort of project has never been attempted before on this scale and we feel the activist community would benefit greatly from it's existence. It's time we start to make the revolution fun and creative! http://www.mutualaid.org is providing us server space and http://www.riseup.net is helping us with emails.

However to truly realize this goal we must call on you, the anti-capitalist activists! We are asking for volunteer's willing to work with from a non-hierarchal/anti-authoritarian perspective to donate their time to help us with the collective. We need artists! Artists from all walks of life and from all corners of the planet are welcome to join. We will also need cyber-punks and technical gurus to help facilitate the website and archival systems. We have already procured server space for media storage and are ready to start recruiting dedicated humans to help fight for justice in a unique and fun way. If this sounds like you and you are willing to donate autonomous works to the collective free of charge then we are interested in seeing some of your work and discussing your personal views when concerning activism and change. Related areas of artistic _expression would include:

* Digital Artists (Photoshop)
* Traditional Artists (Painters, Photographers, Sculptors able to digitize related works)
* Writers and Poets (Words are our weapons!)
* Techno Cyber-Punks (We must be able to coerce the machines for this to work!)

Contact Us: autonomousart@riseup.net

Our collective makes decisions fully and totally from a non-hierarchical perspective and based around a predominantly super majority vote and as much as we can around consensus.
We ask that all collective members please read the basic background on

**Please be sure to only post things related to the collective. This is a not a space for advertising or doing outreach for events UNLESS it has to do with the collective**


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